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RxHair Fix Podcast
RxHair Fix Podcast
Pamela Mair

Welcome to the world of the RxHair Fix podcast. Your guide on this journey is the accomplished Pamela Mair, also known as the RXHair Fix Doc. Pamela has a wealth of experience in the fields of cosmetology, hair loss solutions, and trichology, making her a trusted authority in hair and scalp health. You may even know her as the author of the highly regarded book Having Healthy Hair at Home. On the RxHair Fix podcast, Pamela dives deep into the world of hair health. She shares valuable knowledge, tips, and engaging stories, all aimed at helping you take better care of your hair and scalp. And it’s not just for experts – Pamela’s gift is making complex concepts easy and enjoyable for everyone. Want to go beyond the podcast? Visit There, you can find a treasure trove of information on hair and scalp care, order top-of-the-line products, or even set up a one-on-one consultation with Pamela. With her innovative approach to online consultations, she’s able to assist people f